Anupamaa: Bapuji shows mirror to Pakhi, Toshu and Vanraj

Anupamaa: Bapuji shows mirror to Pakhi, Toshu and Vanraj

Star Plus show ‘Anupamaa’ has kept the fans snared to the TV screens. The ongoing track of the show spins around Anu confronting embarrassment at Shah house and Baa has requested that she take off from the house and stay away forever. This has made Anu incredibly furious, in any case, she has now stood firm to take off from the house and never return. Pakhi and Toshu embarrassed Anu a ton while Vanraj didn’t request that they shut up and in a roundabout way delighted in Anupamaa being offended.

In the forthcoming episodes, Anu says a farewell to the relatives. Kinjal gets very anxious with the prospect of Anupamaa not getting back to the house once more. She likewise comprehends Kavya’s sensations of needing to become a mother. Kavya gets close to home reasoning that no one but Anu could figure out her feelings. Anu meets Kinjal and requests that she deal with the house.

Anu lights a diya at the house sanctuary and converses with Vanraj. She lets him know that he is liable for the significant break that was made between a mother and her little girl while he had some control over something very similar. She says that she’s leaving yet no one knows God’s arrangement and might be she will be back in the house. Anuj converses with Bapuji and lets him know that he never stood firm for Anupamaa at whatever point the relatives went after her. Bapuji consents to something very similar and states that he should be rebuffed for something very similar and her little girl not visiting him will be his greatest discipline.

Besides, Bapuji shows mirror to Pakhi, Toshu and Vanraj and attempts to cause them to acknowledge about their activities while Anu gets profound in the vehicle.

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