Now, ‘broke’ Pakistan issues curbs on wedding functions: No lavish party

Now, ‘broke’ Pakistan issues curbs on wedding functions: No lavish party

In a bid to preserve energy, the desperate Pakistan government has chosen to boycott wedding capacities in Islamabad city after 10 pm, as per media covers Wednesday.

Pakistan, which is confronting a demolishing power emergency, has found a way different ways to cut down the utilization of power to diminish load shedding, will presently boycott wedding capacities after 10 pm in Islamabad with impact from June 8, Geo News revealed.

The flow power emergency in the country, which has likewise impacted Pakistan’s economy, has constrained the bureaucratic bureau to reestablish the Saturday occasion in government workplaces to control the utilization of energy and step by step cut down power load shedding to two hours daily toward June’s end.

The Daily Times paper citing sources, announced that the limitation on wedding capacities in the country’s capital is being carried out on the directions of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif.

The Islamabad Police and city organization have been coordinated to stringently execute the boycott, the sources said.

The sources expressed that in the event of infringement, severe move will be made by Islamabad administration.Geo News likewise revealed that only one dish will be permitted at the wedding capacities in the capital.

A notice with this impact will be given soon, it said.

With the economy shredded and political insecurity posing a potential threat because of fights by previous head of the state Imran Khan, there is expanding danger of Pakistan going the Sri Lankan way in the event that speedy measures are not taken.Prime Minister Sharif said on Tuesday that Pakistan needed more cash to purchase oil and gas, ARY News revealed.

Long lines were seen outside fuelling stations in Karachi, Rawalpindi and Islamabad as terrified residents, following Finance Minister Miftah Ismail’s comments about a potential climb, lined up at petroleum siphons while a few filling stations shut down, driving the money pastor to give an explanation saying the public authority was not wanting to additional increment fuel costs.

While tending to a day-long pre-spending plan business meeting in Islamabad on Tuesday, Sharif said there could be no financial strength without political steadiness in the nation, adding that there was the requirement for a “Sanction of Economy”, which would prompt long haul security.