Zeeshan Khan: Bigg Boss 15 has become an akhada; my favourite so far is Umar because he’s a lot like me

Zeeshan Khan: Bigg Boss 15 has become an akhada; my favourite so far is Umar because he’s a lot like me

Entertainer Zeeshan Khan stood his own ground when he partook in Bigg Boss OTT. At first viewed as a dark horse player, Zeeshan stunned the whole gang with his essential game play and with the difficult work he put in for finishing his assignments. Nonetheless, his excursion in the BB OTT house was stopped when he engaged in a colossal victory with Pratik Sehajpal.

Nonetheless, what didn’t go down well with his is the means by which this season, Bigg Boss 15 has been seeing a great deal of savagery and no move is being made in regards to something very similar. Khan addressed India Forums concerning what he feels with respect to this season, the brutality existing in the house, and then some. Peruse the discussion here.

To start with, what is your take on the rounds of competitors up until this point and who is your top choice?

Are the hopefuls in any event, playing a game? Since what I am seeing from Day 1 is that nothing new is going on where they need to obliterate the errand, the material, all of that is just continuing – conceal this, don’t take care of assignment, actual savagery, that is all that is continuing. I don’t comprehend on the off chance that you’ve gone to play this game or battle in the game, Bigg Boss 15 has turned into an ‘akhada’. Up until now, my most loved would be Umar Riaz, I wish I could take any other individual’s name, particularly individuals from OTT. I feel that person is a great deal like me, he attempts to play the game all well and good, he isn’t counterfeit and not doing anything for TRP, on the off chance that you like him great, in the event that you don’t he is the sort of person he is. You were removed from BB OTT without a notice yet this season, there’s scarcely any discussion about the actual viciousness? Do you believe it’s unjustifiable and fractional this season?

I kept up with my quiet because in light of the fact that however it was clear I wasn’t the person who started the actual brutality, I was simply attempting to get the errand going, I was being incited and the push additionally I gave was so we do the assignment and not get into actual viciousness. Be that as it may, I don’t know for what reasons, I was the one in particular who was rebuffed, yet I took it with a spot of salt since I resembled specific principles, and they saw it from an alternate point. Yet, I don’t know have the guidelines changed for different candidates or the principles diverse for Bigg Boss 15, since I don’t comprehend that savagery in this house occurring on a regular premise and why was activity taken against me and just me, and there’s no move being made against others, at all.

All we find in the Bigg Boss house is brutality. At the point when Bigg Boss declares the errand, I don’t see assignments getting finished, all I see is them being ‘radh’ in light of the fact that all we see is viciousness and thusly, Bigg Boss’ choice. Anyway, what would it be advisable for us to expect as far as diversion? At the point when I got ousted from the house, individuals resembled we need him back, so in case we are making a show to engage the crowd, I figure we ought to pay attention to them however I don’t imagine that is the case any longer. Regardless of how much the crowds voice their viewpoint any longer, I simply think it fails to receive any notice. So if so and we are simply making a show for our companions, should take them.

Would you need to return to the show given hopefuls are generally making passages?

Having been a devotee of the show, indeed, I might want to return, yet not without my dignity. The most compelling motivation I might want to return to the house is individuals since I am a performer and I am for individuals and on the off chance that we make shows to engage individuals, for what reason is it happening that we aren’t paying attention to them? Plainly, individuals needed me back, they actually need me back, so for what reason would we say we aren’t paying attention to individuals any longer?